Company’s vision:

- RACO Group believes that the successful pattern should be the combination of commitment and moving ahead on the path of innovation along with changes in order to perfect Team.

- RavanRah Company, is aiming to become a Logistics Group and dynamic with an international standards in order to increase the efficiency of a distribution network and manufacturing cost reduction in the country.

Company’s Mission:

Relying on its principle of client orientation, RavanRah has tried to provide logistics, is taking steps to adopt a set of innovative solutions to complete supply chain with the aim of economic foundations of society and interests of all stakeholders.

Strategic goals:

The main strategic goals of the company are as following:
- Safety and Reliability: Creates a safe transport system for users and consumers.
- Dynamics: Maximizing performance and accessibility to the transportation system.
- Just-in-time delivery: Improving the quality of service delivery and transportation plans.
- Efficiency: Improving the service level in different parts of the labor force within the company.


- Preserve moral and human values.
- Up-to-dateness of partners and stakeholders information in their work envelope as necessary.
- Coordination and coherence.
- Responsibility, Trusteeship and Management and employers collaboration.
- Transparency and honesty.
- Improving customer, employee and shareholders satisfaction.