SEA Transport

SEA Transport

Shipping goods directly from all over the world, especially Europe to all Iranian ports and vice versa is able to ship goods directly from most ports in the world to Iranian ports. In direct shipping of goods, the goods are transported to the destination port without changing the ship or container. By direct shipping, freight costs are much less economical and shipping times are shorter. The company has sufficient and brilliant experience in direct and specialized shipping of goods from all ports of Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and also all European ports by offering special services and competitive prices.
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Various Methods

Cross Stuffing

Shipping goods from ports where it is not possible to send goods directly to Iran. In this method of sea transport, the container contains the cargo transferred from one ship to another. In this method, cross stuffing is done by sea in Jabal Ali port. The company is also able to ship by the sea in the mentioned method, which is usually for customers who want to re-issue the bill of lading with their requested and desired conditions.


It is also able to transport goods by sea by transhipment method, sea transport of goods by changing ships, for ports from which it is not possible to transport goods by sea directly. Transfer flow is often accompanied by unloading and reloading of goods.


For maritime transport of goods that are bulky and cargo that enters in ship without any packaging, such as flour, wheat, sugar, cotton, etc., able to transport these goods into the ship by sea in the above method.

Groupage Method and Projects

With its extensive facilities in the field of maritime transport, it is able to provide reliable and special services for the maritime transportation of goods, as well as the sea transportation of export and imported cargo in the form of groupage and projects. It is also able to transport various goods by sea, including dry, liquid, etc. in different weights and volumes in the form of groupage and projects from Iran to other parts of the world and vice versa.


Bulk goods, are goods that enter ship without any packing, such as flour, sugar, cotton, cereals, iron ore, cement, sugar, minerals, phosphate, coal, etc.

Refrigerated Container

It is able to provide refrigeration services by truck and sea. Regarding the transportation of perishable goods such as fish, shrimp, etc., the company has the necessary and sufficient equipment in loading and unloading ports.

Reissuing Bill of Lading

It is able to transport goods by sea indirectly, and in this case, a bill of lading will be issued to customers with the requested conditions.