Ticketing Services (Racofly)

Ravan Rah Company, with the aim of paying attention to its customers and market needs assessment, also developed other branches of international transportation of goods and passengers in order to obtain a more favorable position in multimodal transport, freight and travel (RacoFLY).

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Groupage Air Services (Retail) CONSOLIDATED and FULLCARGO service internationally.


Direct packing and grouping service by truck from all European countries, Central Asia and neighboring to Iran and vice versa

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Container and retail service from all ports in Europe, the Far East, North America and South America, India and the United Arab Emirates to Iranian ports and vice versa

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Management of special railway projects, combined transportation of export, import and transit goods by various types of freight wagons (covered, rimmed, and tanked) from all authorized loading stations in Iran to Central Asian countries, Russia, Europe and vice versa. / p> Read More

Combined Transport

Combined Transport services by ship/ train/ truck and plane from all foreign destinations to Iran and vice versa.

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